The economic benefits of ‘Saving the Bay’

As Rhode Island (and the rest of the world) work toward recovering from the impact of COVID-19, Save the Bay Executive Director Jonathan Stone says protecting the Narragansett Bay should be a top priority.

Impact of COVID-19 on seafood, fishing industries

Laura Foley Ramsden, a self-proclaimed “Fish Mongress” and the owner of Foley Fish, joins the Blue Economy Podcast to discuss how her business — and the fishing industry at large — is navigating the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Is the COVID-19 crisis ‘collapsing’ the global oil industry?

Demand for oil and fossil fuels has “dropped off an unprecedented cliff” during this crisis. Is there a path to recovery? And what does this mean for renewable energy sources like offshore wind? Award-winning energy and climate change reporter Amy Harder with Axios weighs in.

Defining the future of America’s offshore wind industry with Jeff Grybowski

As the former CEO of Deepwater Wind, Jeff Grybowski was the executive in charge of bringing America’s first – and still only – offshore wind farm to life. On this episode, he breaks down the Block Island Wind Farm’s seemingly endless permitting and construction processes – and provides his insight on the future of the nation’s offshore wind industry.