Investing in the Blue Economy with Maren Hjorth Baue

As the co-founder of Katapult Ocean and founder/CEO of Fynd Ocean Ventures, Maren Hjorth Bauer is a leading blue-tech investor based out of Norway. She joined the podcast to tell us what she looks for when selecting new projects — and provides her insight as to where America’s ocean economy is headed.

U.S. Sen. Whitehouse on America’s Blue Economy future

Where does Rhode Island fit in to the global Blue Economy? Do we really know less about the ocean floor than we do about the dark side of the moon? And how are sea turtles helping to bridge the divide across the aisle in the Senate? United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse weighs in.

The economic benefits of ‘Saving the Bay’

As Rhode Island (and the rest of the world) work toward recovering from the impact of COVID-19, Save the Bay Executive Director Jonathan Stone says protecting the Narragansett Bay should be a top priority.